Program Requirements

Program requirements for MAT in Visual Arts Ed

Master of Arts in Teaching in Visual Arts Education (MAT)

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 50 credits in Visual Arts studio areas (may take up to 12 credits along side MAT course requirements)
  • 12 credits Art History (may take these along side MAT course requirements)
  • 3 credits Psychology (program director will review transcripts)
  • 3 credits Sociology (program director will review transcripts)
  • 3.0 (B) or better cumulative average

In addition to the general requirements for graduate admission, applicants to the MAT in Visual Arts should submit a statement of intent and a portfolio of 12-16 images that represent the breadth of their studio experience (diverse media). Applicants should submit samples of academic or professional writing that demonstrate the following: focus, clarity of thought, and adherence to the conventions of standard academic English. Examples might include an artist statement or papers written at the college or university level; material written for business or professional organizations; grant applications. All digital images, time-based media and writing samples should be submitted for review online via Slideroom.

Please refer to the instructions in the Portfolios section of the application instructions.


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