What are the differences between the MA and MAT programs? Which one is right for me? 
• MA (Master of Arts) in Art Education is a 33 credit program with a Thesis/Project requirement. There is no student teaching requirement. Graduates have found the MA in Art Education relevant to careers in museum education, arts administration, educational media, community-based arts education, and teaching at the college level.

• MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in Visual Arts is a 42 credit program with a 14 week student teaching practicum and leads to K-12 Certification. Graduates have found the MAT in Visual Arts relevant to careers in teaching at public, private and charter school settings. This degree can be completed in 5 years.

What is the new BFA/MAT 5 yr. program?
The newly designed BFA/MAT program is for undergraduates applying to the university to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in the Art of Teaching-Visual Arts which leads to art certification to teach K-12th grade. Undergraduates will begin to take coursework towards their MAT degree in their sophomore semester and conclude with the majority of the required courses in their senior semester. In the 5th year they will complete the degree.

Does the Graduate Programs in the Dept. of Art + Design require GRE’s for acceptance? 

What type of artwork is best to submit for my portfolio? 
It is best to submit a portfolio of 12 -16 images that shows the depth and breadth of your art skills.

How many studio classes do I need to be admitted?
The MAT program requires 50 studio credits to meet the PA Department of Education and UArts requirements. An advisor will review transcripts to determine what studio classes are counted towards this requirement.

What kind of jobs would I be qualified for after graduation?
Students that graduate from the Department of Art and Design Education are qualified to teach in elementary, secondary, post-secondary education; community art, cultural centers; art galleries, nursing/drug/daycare centers; or weekend programs. Other possible jobs include:

• Art Critic/Writer
• Art Teacher
• Artist-in-Residence/Artist-in-the-Schools
• Arts Administrator
• Freelance Instructor
• Postsecondary Instructor
• Recreation Specialist
• Teacher/Instructor Overseas
• Teacher of Art and Recreation

What are pre-requisites and co-requisites? 

• Pre-requisites are courses needed to be admitted into the MAT program. These courses can be completed simultaneously while taking program required courses if permitted by UArts advisor*.

• Co-requisites are additional courses that are completed simultaneously while taking program required courses. Students may be given credit for some of these courses if taken in undergraduate coursework.

How many contact hours with students will I have before student teaching? 

In the MAT program, students will have over 190 hours of experience with students before student teaching! Your experience will be with a varied population of elementary, secondary, special needs and ELL (English Language Learners) students. The breakdown for each class is as follows:

• Elementary Methods = 24 hr. field placement

• Secondary Methods = 24 hr. field placement

• Saturday Practicum Internship (Elementary or Secondary) = 30 hr. field placement

• Service Learning (Special needs population) = 90 hr. field placement

• Inclusionary Methods = 24 hr. field placement

What is Service Learning? How many hours of field work will I need to do?
Service Learning is a field experience where students work with students with special needs for a total of 90 hours over the course of their program.
Each 1-credit is equal to 30 hours in the field, and 3 credits are required.

What is Saturday Arts Lab
Saturday Arts Lab is part of a required course in Art Ed. The course is listed as Saturday Practicum and usually takes place prior to the student teaching in your last semester. For 10 weeks you will assist a lead teacher in one of the arts classes (K-8th grade) on Saturday mornings from 10am to noon approximately. Lecture part of course is from 1pm to 3:30pm approx.

When do the majority of the Art Education courses take place?
Classes are typically scheduled Monday through Thursday from 4-6:50pm and 7-9:50pm. Other classes many vary in day/time.

What GPA must I maintain?
All graduate coursework must be completed with a B or better, which assumes a 3.0 or better GPA each semester.

When should I take the Professional Writing Intensive course? Can I test out of Professional Writing course? 
This class should be taken prior to Research in Education: Methods and Trends (AEDU 606).
Yes. Students are given a written exam on the first day of class and must pass with a score of 80% or higher.

When should I take the PRAXIS II?
The UArts Department of Art + Design Education strongly suggests that the Praxis II be taken prior to student teaching.

If I want another state certification what are the requirements?
If you want another state certification to teach art (K-12) you would need to contact that state’s department of education to determine the requirements. Typically you would have the certification officer at UArts fill out that state’s form indicating you completed a teacher preparation program at UArts.

What specific clearances will I need upon acceptance to the program? How do I attain them?
In order for you to participate in Service Learning, site visits, and student teaching you must have: FBI, PA Criminal Background, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and TB test. Download the “Clearance Cheat Sheet” here.

How do I get involved with the NAEA student chapter? 
Chapter meetings will be held at the beginning of the semester to provide detailed information. Highlights include, graduate art exhibition, art auction, travel to national and local conferences, studio presentations & workshops.

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