BFA/MAT Five Year Program


The BFA/MAT (Bachelors of Fine Arts & Master of Arts in Teaching in Visual Arts) is a professional degree program incorporating preparation for the Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate, including a 14 week student teaching practicum. The program in Art and Design Education is designed to permit a student majoring in an art or design field to use his or her undergraduate years as a key step toward certification (licensure) as a PreK-12 Art or Design teacher. The university awards the degree and the Pennsylvania Department of Education awards the teaching certificate on successful completion of PRAXIS exams.

Additional coursework includes the history, theory, and practice of art education. Students are required to complete the additional 42 credit program within a 5 year (10 semester) period. Specific prerequisite or corequisite courses will be built into and supplement their undergraduate course work in addition to the liberal arts and graduate level course work.

Undergraduate coursework is determined by program of study in your major. The MAT coursework is listed under curriculum MAT in Visual Arts on this site.

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