Graduate Students present “Famous Artists Puzzle”

In the Art + Design Education Department, one of the course requirements is “AEDU 543 Aesthetics and Art Criticism.” This course is designed to develop skills, techniques, and strategies for integrating developmentally appropriate aesthetics and art criticism activities in the K-12 classroom. Using prevailing theories of learning, teaching, and child development, students will design puzzle cases, activities, and curricula that promote the philosophical investigation and interpretation of art and aesthetic objects. Graduate students designed and constructed a giant puzzle aimed for middle to high school students to learn about specific artists’ and their works to encourage learning through play. One side of the game pieces, a specific piece of art is displayed with their corresponding artist, title, year, and medium of piece. Students are to match the info to the correct image in style of Memory, a card game where the player is looking for the correct pair. Once the matches are found, the reverse side of the puzzle is to be put together by sliding pieces into their correct position.¬†IMG_3467_2IMG_3466_2

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